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Equiped with professional military clothing factory,China Hengtai Group is one of the leading China BDU,ACU,M65 Jacket,Military Sweater,Military DMS Boot,Body Armor,Ballistic helmet,Bulletproof Vest,Bulletproof Plate,Police Equipment,Anti Riot Gear,Military Tent,Military Camouflage Backpack,Hydration Bladder,Tactical Goggles,Military Water Bottle,Mess Kits manufacturers. Welcome to Wholesale and distribute our products.

Our main products include:

Police Equipment:Body Armor,Bulletproof Helmet,Bulletproof Jacket,Anti Riot Suits,Anti Riot Helmet,Anti Riot Baton,Anti Riot Shield,Elbow and Knee Protection,Stab-proof Vest,Handcuff,Gun Magazine,38mm Tear Gas,48mm Tear Gas,Tactical Vest,Police Duty Belt,Road Block,Jammer,etc.

Military Uniform:Battle Dress Uniform(BDU),Army Combat Uniform(ACU),Army Uniform,Police Uniform,Camouflage Uniform, M65 Combat Field Jacket,Military Wool Overcoat,Police Greatcoat,Military Overall Uniform,Army Fatigue Uniform,Track Suits,Training Uniform,Fire-resistant Aramid Overall Uniform,etc.

Military Raincoat:Army Raincoat,Army Poncho,Poncho Liner,Camouflage Raincoat,Camouflage Poncho,etc.

Military Sweater:Army Sweater,Military Pullover,Military Jersey,Cardigan,Jumper,Army Pullover,Army Jersey,Police Sweater,Police Pullover,Police Jersey,etc.

Military Boot: Army DMS Boot,Police Boot,Tactical Boot,Security Boot,Desert Boot,Jungle Boot,Combat Boot,Military Canvas Boot,Camouflage Boot,Police Officer Shoes,Lady Shoes,etc.

Military Outdoor Equipment: Hydration Bladder,Military Backpack,Camouflage Rucksack,Army Bags,Military Alicebag Set, Army Sleeping Bag,Military Sleeping Bag,Camouflage Sleeping Bag,Army Tent,Military Tent,Camouflage Tent,Refugee Tent,Commando Tent,Military Folding Camping Bed,Military Foam Mat,Camouflage Net, Ghillie Suits,Military Goggle,Military Water Bottle,Army Mess Kit,Military Mess Tin,Army Tableware,etc.

Military Textile: Military Uniform,Army Apparel, Camouflage Fabric,Wool Fabric,Army Fabric,Military Blanket,Army T-Shirt,Camouflage T-Shirt,etc.

Military Headwear: Ballistic Helmet, BDU Hat, Army Baseball Cap, Camouflage Cap, Peak Cap,Officer Cap,Army and Police Beret,etc.

Military Belt:Army Belt,Police Belt,Military Belt,Camouflage Belt, On Duty Belt, 58" British Webbing Belt System, Multi-Functional Army and Police Belt,etc.

Roto Molded Cases-Rotational Molded Case-Ammunition cases

Fire Products Equipment: AFFF 1%, AFFF 3%, AFFF 6%, Gas Mask,Anti-Virus Clothing,anti-chemical gloves,Climbing Rope,Aramid Rope,etc.

Our main market: Middle East,Africa,South-East Asia,Europe,South and North America, like Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Qatar, Syria,Yemen, Gambia,Ghana,Nigeria,Zambia,Kenya,Togo,Philippines, Malaysia,Korea,Italy,Spain,Greece, Brazil,Canada,etc.

Welcome to contact us anytime and establish win-win cooperation with your esteemed company.

China Hengtai Group Co., Limited(HK)
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