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Not to be cheated by Jesus Javier Manaloto from Pampanga,Philippines

Do you know Jesus Javier Manaloto from Pampanga,Philippines?

Do you know how Incredible Jesus Manaloto is?

As a boss, Jesus Manaloto treats his workers bad, not pay full salary or not pay on time

As a businessman, Jesus Manaloto borrowed money from "Friends" by promising to pay interest, but not pay interest as promised, certainly, he could not refund the capital.

As a businessman, when Jesus Manaloto dealed with his supplier, always did not keep his promises to his supplier.When Jesus Manaloto wanted your help Or wanted to get away something from you, he will beg you again and again, call you brother or friends, promised you a lot" i will pay you on Monday, I will pay you next week.....",  but after Jesus Manaloto got the goods he wanted, he forgot what he promised right away.

Don't know why Jesus Manaloto owed a lot of money to other Philippines persons. Since 2017, I became his first Victim in China.

Jesus Manaloto should pay us USD61066.
Including: USD3066 for the balance payment of military boots, which he promised to pay after the goods reached Manila, but till now, he sold out those boots about 1year, we still did not get the money.

USD58000, which for the balance money for 10000pics Military AFP aluminum water bottle and 10000pcs Military AFP alumimum mess kits. Jesus Manaloto asked us to produce these goods for him. We finished the production in Jan,2017, but till now, we still did not get the money, because the goods with Jesus Manaloto's logo, we could not sell to others, the goods put in warehouse about 3years. Jesus Manaloto had been promising he would pay soon, he would solve the stock trouble, but till now, we still did not get the money. The huge stock brought us big trouble.

After 3years waiting for Jesus Manaloto's promise, 3years no payment, I am out of anger. So, we had complainted Jesus Manaloto to Philippines NBI(National Bureau Of Investigation), and prepared to appoint a lawyer to sue Jesus Manaloto.

One more thing, I know, second victim in China is on the way now. In order to avoid third Chinese Victim, we post the story with Jesus Manaloto by chatting record, see how much bad business credit from Jesus Manaloto.

We hope no more people are cheated by Jesus Manaloto in the future, because Jesus Manaloto has huge debt in Philippines already.