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Philippines AFP Aluminum Water Bottle with cup and Mess Kits

Material: Aluminum
Design: As per Philippines AFP(Armed Forces) requirement
Stock or not: Yes
Location: China warehouse
MOQ.: 1000sets.

Any interest, please feel free to contact us for details by WhatsApp/Viber: 8613302019738 Or


Philippines Army and Police use Water Bottle with Cup and Mess Kits

Material: Stainless steel Or Aluminum
Logo: AFP, PNP Or other Logo you want if your quantity ok

Any interest, please don't hesitate to contact us by Or Skype:militaryuniform Or WhatsApp: 8613302019738,thanks.


8000sets Philippines AFP Aluminum Water Bottle and Mess Kits STOCK

8000sets Alumina Philippines AFP Water bottle and Mess Kits STOCK. STOCK STOCK STOCK!!!!
If you really want to buy now,not check for future, not only want to know the price, discuss the price with me privately, I will give you surprise price. COME ON!
With logo of "JRM" and "AFP". Do you mind?


9990sets Philippines AFP Aluminum Water Bottle and Mess Kits

9990 sets Philippines AFP Aluminum Water Bottle And Mess kits

The original order was 10000sets. A Korea cheat" Kim.Son.Nam" cheated 7sets samples without any payment. He asked me samples again and again, but after he got my samples, he disappeared, no matter how I tried to contact him, he didn't reply, finally, he deleated me from his facebook friendlist. I can't help thinking whether an HONEST man is suitable for business.

Material: very strong,Philippines Government had tested sample,very good quality.
Packing: 9990sets, fits 1x40'HQ.

Logo: with logos of "AFP" and "JRM"

Low price to clear stock now.

Any interest, contact us by Or WhatsApp:8613302019738


10000sets Aluminum Water bottle and Mess Kits,Good quality, were produced for Philippines Army stores, with AFP and JRM logos. Now, present Philippines buyer's too bad credit, put us in big trouble, and brought too much loss, so, we sell these now to get back money urgently, we can help you to ship the goods to your warehouse Or office, we help to finish the importing in Manila port, we finish importing tax and VAT tax. You just wait for the goods in your stores Or warehouse

BTW, Philippines Airforce had tested the samples, they said"it is very thick, not change shape by punch Or drop.

.Any interest, contact us by WhatsApp/Viber:8613302019738, Or Facebook messengers.


Philippines Army AFP Water Bottle,Mess Kits,DMS Desert Boot Stock

10000sets Aluminum Philippine Army AFP Mess Kits
10000sets Aluminum Philippines Army AFP Water Bottle with Jug
900pairs of Philippines Army AFP DMS Desert Boot, with full grain cow suede, water-resistant fabric, Rubber Sole, DMS

Due to a Philippines man's bad credit and unimaginable business way, our company was put in very bad position, now, we have to find other Philippines buyer to sell these goods, because it marks "AFP" and "JRM" in the products.

If you are interested, welcome your inquiry anytime, we guarantee the quality and competitive price.