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Bad Business Credit Buyers From Army And Police Supplies Industry

Just now, one of our Jordan buyers told me, he was cheated by a Guangzhou company, who received his money, but didn't make the order for him, he was very angry, and discuss with me about "Business Credit", talked about "Present Chinese Buinsess Credit worse and worse".

I am not happy for this saying. Business credit is regardless of country. Each country has good business credit company and persons, also bad.

I am in Military and Police Surplus industry so many years, really met a lot of bad business credit company and buyers. For business credit, it must not involve big money, sometimes, small business can show well how about his credit.

Now, I share some bad buyers I had ever worked before, to list here, once you meet them in the future, you can be careful, not to be cheated again.

1. Turkey company: Smart Defence Company
The contact person: Emrah Tunca and Hulya Ozgur.
They wanted our bulletproof vest and plate samples, but due to urgent requirement, asked us to send them samples first, later, will pay us the cost by Western Union. To support them to attend tender on time, we did as per their requirement, because small money, only about USD600. But to our disappointed, after they received our sample, they began to delay the cost to us, always promised to pay, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, but when you asked them to pay, they began to find many execuse" I am in meeting, I am busy......". Finally, Emarh Tunca blocked me from his WhatsApp, and Hulya Ozgua bloced me from her Skype.

2. USA company: CNCC Limited
Contact person: Prince Orogbu
In 2016, we got inquiry from Prince Orogbu, and asked samples of military raincoat,military t-shirt, Officer Peak Cap,etc. We asked them sample cost, but this guy said he was in China now, didn't know how to pay, asked us to make first, later, when he went back to USA, he would surely pay us.

Considering the inconvenience in China as a foreigner, we agreed them, but  after we sent them samples, we finally didn't get back the cost anymore; meanwhile, when he contacted us for sample, he was very active, but after sample, they disappeared.

3. Canada company: Rose Contracting
Contact: Nikola Sipovac

Nearly same story, Nikola Sipovac asked urgent samples of military water bottle and military Cutlery, with knife, spoon and fork, for an urgent tender. Due to low sample value, we only wanted him to pay DHL cost, he asked us to send samples first, later, he would western union us the actual cost we paid. But after we sent him the samples, he never replied our emails. When we called him,  he said he was in trip in a remote area, and forgot to pay us, when he went back, he would surely pay us, but after that, this man disappeared from the world totally, emails, never reply, calling, never answer.

Hehe, only USD80,  Nikola Sipovac lost a businessman's credit.

Still many bad credit company Or persons, due to limited time, I stop today, later, when I am free, I will add more.

All cheating business were on basis of "Belief, Promise" at beginning. Once one party doesn't cherish the other party's belief and promise, Vicious circle of cheating will begin.

For better business environment, let's cherish our own business credit!!!!


Competitive prices for bulletproof helmet,vest and plates

With special source of Aramid UD, our prices of bulletproof helmet,Ballistic vest and Bulletproof plates are highly competitive, we will try best to support you to win the tenders.

Contact us by and WhatsApp:8613302019738


NIJI IIIA Bulletproof Vest.

Ballistic level: NIJ IIIA. 
Material: Aramid Or PE UD. 
Color: Army green,Khaki/Desert/Brown, Camouflage Or as required. 

Any demand,please feel free to contact us by,Skype:militaryuniform Or WhatsApp:8613302019738,thanks.


NIJ IIIA PE VIP Concealed Bulletproof Vest

NIJ IIIA Level PE VIP Concealed Bulletproof Vest.
Material: UHMWPE
Color: White Or as required.
Weight: 2.5kg/pic.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us by,Skype:militaryuniform Or WhatsApp: 8613302019738,thanks.


High Density Nylon Camouflage Tactical Vest for European Army

Camouflage Tactical Vest 

Material: High quality nylon
Color: Camouflage Or as per buyers

Any interest, please feel free to contact us by Or Skype:militaryuniform Or WhatsApp:8613302019738.


Succeed to send NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Vest and Ballistic Helmet samples to Africa Army

NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Vest and helmet samples were sent to Africa Army, unluckily, the samples were detained by DHL.After we paid much effort, nearly 1month, we finally got back the samples, and tried other ways to send again, OYE, this time, we succeeded, God bless!


Latest USA Style Quick Release Bulletproof Vest

Latest USA Style Quick Release Bulletproof Vest
Color: Option
Material: Aramid Or PE
Protection area: Min. 0.27sqm.
Size: one size fits all
Outer fabric: 900D Polyester
Structure: Molle
Function: 1 second to release, and within 30seconds to reassemble.

Any interest, contact us by WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber:8613302019738 Or, tks.


NIJ IIIA Full Protection Aramid PE Bulletproof Jacket

NIJ IIIA Full Protection Bulletproof Jacket with Aramid Or PE ballistic fiber.

Any interest,contact us by,Skype:militaryuniform Or WhatsApp:8613302019738,thanks.


NIJ IIIA Aramid Full Protection Bulletproof Vest

NIJ IIIA Full Protection Bulletproof Vest with Aramid material,resisting 9MM Or .44Mag.It can use together with NIJ IV Ballistic Plates.

Any interest,please contact us by WhatsApp:8613302019738,Skype:militaryuniform Or