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Kenya Military Brown Desert DMS Boot Buyer Kidded Me 2weeks

On March 14,2019 from Facebook, we received an inquiry about 1000pairs of Military Brown Desert DMS Boots from a Kenya guy(I don't discover his name here). Generally, except my sleeping time everyday( since 23:00pm-05:30am the second day), yes, my working time is just like 7.11 shop, except my sleepin time, I had been working, and my response speed,generally, not later 2minutes than customer's inquiry. This time, it was same with before, I replied this Kenya "Customer" very quickly. (just by such good efficiency, we attracted and caught 98% customers' attention).

Firstly, I asked the details of Kenya man's inquiry, and he sent me a army boot photo, he took the photo from our company web, I know this boot very well, because we had been shipping this water-repellient Military Brown Desert DMS Boots to Philippines  with good feedback. Following, you can enjoy a video about water-repellent testing of this brown boots.

Ok, come back to the inquiry. I quoted two options for this Kenya guy, one was with full-grain cow suede, the other with split cow suede, certainly, full-grain cow suede price is higher than split leather. After Kenya guy's bargin and bargin, deep discussion about Kenya Customs COC Certificate. Finally, we reached an agreement, he ordered 1000pairs of full-grain cow suede Military Brown Desert DMS Boots. I did extra job at our office, and prepared Proforma Invoice and Sales Contract for him. Till now, this Kenya guy still seems professional for the business.

But to my surprise, after I sent our stamped P/I and Sales Contract to this Kenya "Buyer", he published my Proforma Invoice and contract to his “moment". I felt very surprised, asked him why right away. But, he was curious why I asked him about this, he said he didn't care others knows his buying price, till now, I had some bad feeling.

Later, Kenya" buyer" said he would remit the money the second day. and in the second day, he shared me a photo with some "Kenya money" belowing.

The second day and the following days, nearly every day, I asked him the remittance copy, he had been promsing he would send to me right away, or 2 hours later, but till March 29,2019, we still didn't receive any money, also, no remittance copy. Till now, I felt, I was kidded by this Kenya "buyer", so, I lastly confirmed with him, why I didn't receive the money, but he still insisted he paid. I asked him why you kidded us? and said bye bye to him, he said "I didn't pay through bank transfer,but western union. It, it was really really redicuous, because in our Proforma Invoice, it only marked our company name, beneficiary name was also our company name, he only knew my English name, not know my Chinese name, how could he pay by Western Union?? I can judge 100% this Kenya "buyer" was cheating and kidding me.

I blocked his WhatsApp, but, it was really really strange, I didn't know this Kenya guy before, why did he cheated me?  I had been acting as military uniform,military boot,ballistic helmet,bulletproof  vest,military tent and military backpack series solution provider about 15years till this year, I had been treating our customers by "sincere, honest, warm, and high efficiency", and 99% customers liked our business service, why was there such cheating and kidding? What could he get from such kidding? I am really really curious and angry. 

If you have any idea, you can leave messenges to us here Or, welcome to discuss with me by and WhatsApp:8613302019738.

BTW, following is the Military Desert Boots photos that this Kenya"buyer" wanted.