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Come to work with Tradeindia Infocom Network Ltd quickly

Tradeindia company and Infocom Network Ltd from India are really RUBBISH cheating company.

Anchal Ahuja,Mohd Shadab Javed,Rahul Gusain, the sales, customer service from Tradeindia and Infocom Network Ltd, they are very good at promise, but they don't know the meaning of Business Credit at all. Their promise just want to get your money, get your order, before you pay money and place order to them, they called you everyday, they promised you a lot, they talked with you again and again, really really has Perseverance,Like a plaster on you, can't get rid of.

But once you paid to Tradeindia and Infocom Network Ltd, they forgot what they promised to you right away.

Now, it is your turn to push them to keep their promise to you again and again, one month, two months, three months....... This time, Tradeindia has a lot of excuses to delay their service" sorry, we are busy, sorry, i asked for leave today, sorry, I pushed our team, but i am waiting".

Till now, no matter how much angry, how much nervous, it is no use, because you had paid them money, you only can wait, wait, wait.

Our company experience, we paid them on April,2019, but till Nov,2019, with our pushing everyday, quarrelled with Tradeindia sales,customer service countless times,they finally finished our company website, then we complained with Tradeindia, and asked them to compensate us as what they promised to us. then,5months passed again, till today, still many problems not solved for us, like, till now, 3 clauses in the contract have never been implemented from April,2019, we felt disappointed on the service of Tradeindia and Infocom Network Ltd, we asked Tradeindia to refund some money for the other service that Tradeindia still did not begin. Mohd Shadab Javed promised us to refund since Nov,2019, but till now, still "wait, wait and wait".

If you are considering to work with Tradeindia company Or Infocom Network Ltd now, if you don't want to be mad, STOP.STOP,STOP.

Certainly, if you don't know where to spend your surplus money, if you want to Challenge your own patience, if you have enough time to play game with Tradeindia, go to them,you will enjoy the experience with the guys from Tradeindia and Infocom Network Ltd.