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NIJ IV STA PE Alumina Bulletproof Plate Test Report from China Ordnance And Equipment Group

China Hengtai Group Co.,Limited tested our Bulletproof Plate in China Ordnance And Equipment Group.We passed the shooting with good result. Bulletproof Plate Level: NIJ IV and STA. Test Standard: NIJ Standard 0101.06 Material: PE+Alumina Weight: about 2.8kg/pic Testing Ammunition: Type 53 7.62mmX54API and 7.62mmX63API With Testing Weapon:7.62mm Ballistic Trajectory Gun. Shooting times: 3 Result: No penetration, pass. Besides NIJ IV level, we also can make and export ICW Or STA NIJ III,NIJ III+ Level, to resist AK47. As per different country Army and Police, we can suppose different weight, thickness for the ballistic plate.

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