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How To Wear Anti Virus Mask Correctly

During Working In Special Environment, Wearing A Gas Mask Or Half Mask Is A Must.So Do You Know How To Wear It Correctly?

Today, we, professional army and police equipment supplier from China, will discuss with you about the procedures:

First, check the anti-virus gas mask before using:

1. Before using, check whether the gas mask has cracks or breaks, and ensure that the gas mask can attach to the face closely.
2. Check the exhalation valve for deformation and cracks;
3. Check if the headband is flexible;
4. Check if the seal seat of the filter cartridge is in good condition;
5.Check if the filter cartridge is still in validity.

Second, the anti-virus gas mask wearing instructions:
1. Cover the mouth and nose with the anti virus mask, and then pull the headband frame to the top of the head;
2.Use both hands to pull the headband below to the neck and then buckle it;
3.For Air-dried anti virus mask, please check the adhesion of the joint,the exhalation valve and the inhalation valve,and place the gas mask in a clean place for the next use;
4. Please do not use organic solution cleaning agent to clear the gas mask, otherwise it will reduce the effect.

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