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Army And Police Officer Shining Shoes Brought A Bad Experience With Nigeria Lady Due To Quality And Price

Early this morning, after I opened my eyes,I checked my mobile, I found a new foreigner added my wechat, I felt very happy and said"how are you?" to her right away. I am always very polite to others, because maybe, they are our Army and Police Supplies potential buyers.
To my surprise, due to a pair of "Army and Police Officer Shining Shoes", it brought a bad experience for me, really headaque.
This is a Nigeria lady, who enquied our "Army and Police Officer Shining Shoes", and asked high quality, US Standard. Ok, I quoted her our price right away with MOQ. BUT, this lady's response really made me awkward very much" do you know army shoes? Do you think I am a novice to buy something in China? I know a lot of Chinese already,BALABALABALA....."
I want to explain, as a buyer, at beginning, you asked US standard army shoes, we think our army shining officer shoes very good quality, actually the shoes quality really very good, we quote the price, we are sure the quality equals the value, how can you say I cheat you? You want US quality, but want to pay cabbage cost, how is it possible? I sell you a BMW car with USD5000, dare you drive?
We have been in army and police supplies industry many years, we had been sincere and honest to our buyers. For one same product, maybe due to different material, even the outer shape same, but do you know how it is inside?
For example, last week, the other customer enquired us NIJ IIIA Kevlar PASGT bulletproof Helmet. I quoted him the price, he said right away"tooo high". Later, I told him the other low price, he said"wow, very good price". Then I replied to him right away"what a pity, it is a cheating, this lower price is for UHMWPE material PASGT Helmet, not Kevlar helmet". Finally, we explained our business principle"maybe we supply you different level products, like different material, different price, just like Kevlar bulletproof helmet and UHMWPE bulletproof helmet, different material, different price. We will tell you the difference clearly for your own option and decision".
For our Army and Police Shining Officer Shoes, generally, we use imported super-fiber Or real leather as the shining material. With high quality, it is widely worn by different country Army,Police and Government Officers. Following is the photos for your reference.

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