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How much bulletproof helmet knowledge do you know?(1)

98% people knows "Bulletproof helmet" is widely used by Army and Police for protecting head safety, but do you have more knowledge about helmet? Today, we will discuss with you about ballistic helmet details.

Do you know the past life of the bulletproof helmet? Do you know how important the bulletproof helmet is? Do you know what material is made of bulletproof helmets? Do you know the development trend of bulletproof helmets? If you know, you can leave messenges to us belowing; if you don't know, then listen to us about the details as follows.

The bulletproof helmet is a protective device used to prevent the penetration of projectiles or fragments, effectively protecting the human head, but not affecting the human eyesight and tactical activities. According to statistics, in the classic battle of the 20th century, 75%-80% of fatal injuries were caused by fragments of mines, grenades, etc.; and 45% of these injuries were in the head. The British authorities have also shown that wearing bulletproof helmets can reduce the injury rate by 5% and the death rate of 19%. The statistics of the US military in World War II also showed that the helmets at least protected the lives of 70,000 soldiers in the United States, and steel helmets were the bulletproof helmets of that era. Now, you can see the huge role of the bulletproof helmet!
Obviously,during performing task, with the huge threat of bullets and explosives, the bulletproof helmet is an essential head protection equipment for the military and the police.

Development of bulletproof helmet
With different material, the development history of bulletproof helmets is divided into the following stages:
The first stage: metal bulletproof helmet, commonly known as "steel helmets"; Steel bulletproof helmet was very strong, but too heavy,not suitable and comfortable durin the war Or fighting.

The second stage: non-metallic bullet-proof helmets, mainly Aramid material helmet; The world well-know "Kevlar Bulletproof helmet" is one of Aramid helmets. There is a saying in China" all Kevlar helmet is ballistic helmet, but not all ballistic helmet is Kevlar helmet. Actually, Kevlar material belongs to Aramid material, but, "Kevlar" is a famous registered trade mark from US. Dupont company.

The third stage: a composite bulletproof helmet mainly composed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber as a bulletproof material, that is UHMWPE.

The most obvious difference between Aramid material bulletproof helmet and PE Material bulletproof helmet is color, Aramid is yellow color, but PE material is white color.

In our next topic, when we discuss with you about Aramid and PE bulletproof helmet trends in the future, we will tell the main difference of Aramid helmet and PE Helmet.

In the end, we show you some photos of ballistic helmet. Present helmet, mainly NIJ IIIA Level, resist 9mm and .44Mag. In recent years, some China Body Armor factories developed a new helmet, which can resist AK47, but it is too heavy, about 4kg/pic, and production cost too high, most users can not afford Or accept it. We hope in the future, China factories can invest more,make AK47 helmet lighter and lighter, the bulk production cost lower and lower.

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